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Education in Paris

The French education system is divided into: Primary education (Enseignement Primaire), Secondary Education (Enseignement Secondaire) and Higher education (Enseignement Supérieur). On the one hand there are public schools which are free, because taxpayers support them. On the other hand there are private schools and religion-based schools. The Ministry of National Education (Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche) regulates the national curricular program of public schools.

Education system in Paris

The University of Paris is an emblematic symbol of this city; it has a great student population and is ranked in many University Rankings across Europe. There are mandatory university courses; however, students can choose some complementary courses.  Usually private universities offer extra courses such as: art classes, dance classes or music lessons.

The education system in Paris has great education standards and new teaching methods. Moreover there are educational programs like “Erasmus Mundus” which is the most popular among overseas students. To sum up Paris is currently one of the most important cities in Europe and its government makes large investment in education every year. Therefore this is the best place to study and build up your professional experience.

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Compulsory education is for all children. Primary schools help children to develop their skills and intelligence. There are children learn basic subjects such as: Arithmetic, Humanities and Sciences. A Secondary school comes after five-year of primary school, this stage is divided into two schools: Collège (the first four-year of secondary school) and Lycée (the last three years). At the end of compulsory education they have the enough knowledge to go to universities or colleges in Paris at website.

Higher education is divided into public universities and grandes écoles. If you want to study in these educational institutions, you will have to pass several entrance examinations. On the other hand the majority of business schools, medical schools, law schools and technical schools which are private and provide scholarships for brilliant students. Paris also provides the CPGEs (classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles) which are focused on economic sciences, these schools prepare students for business school.

For many people the admission process in Paris schools are quick and easy. However, remember that you must have French knowledge -writing and speaking-. To improve your writing abilities we recommend you typing practice every day.

When you use one of these online tests, you will have ample opportunity to practice typing French accents in a manner that will be expected of you when you work for a French company.

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