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Insurance in Paris

Unfortunately, no one is safe from any type of accident so it is advisable to be prepared to face any eventuality. There is a large list of possible accidents, but the best way to avoid having accidents is by preventing them. However, there are many people who wonder themselves how to do this, the answer is very easy: There is a huge insurance market; there are more and more insurance agencies which offer many types of insurances, each one with different and special benefits. One should buy an insurance policy, because buying an insurance policy means buying peace of mind and a way of ensuring the economic future of the family and/or oneself.

Types of Insurances

The insurance market is a profitable business in Paris, because people know that they are not free of accidents. There are private and state insurance companies where one can find the most appropriate Insurance policy depending on one's needs. However the most common kinds of insurance policies people require in Paris are:

Home Insurance:

There are many types of Home insurance that French insurance companies offer, but the most common is: “ContratMultirisque”: This insurance policy offers protections against natural calamities such as: earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, storms and others and burglaries, but the benefits depend on the rate that one pays.

Car Insurance:

This insurance policy is booming: French people like to renew their fleet from time to time, which is very attractive for thieves. Insurance companies have three types of car insurance in Paris:  third party including fires and theft, just third party and the comprehensive cover. All tourists who wish to drive in Paris required a special permit in addition to buying a car insurance policy.

Boat Insurance:

It's important to have boat insurance because half of all boating accidents result in injuries and an accident can happen to anyone. With Progressive's specialized boat insurance coverage, you can relax knowing you have coverage for your boat or personal watercraft. Boat insurance covers many kinds of boats.

Life insurance:

Most insurance agencies offer insurance policies that protect one’s family against serious accidents, however the rate of this insurance policy is one of the most expensive; nonetheless, it will depend on the benefits one wants to receive.  

Travel insurance:

This is the most popular insurance policy between tourists. Insurance companies offer a special insurance plan; it covers the most common accidents, medical assistance, medical emergencies, car insurance and insurance against thieves. Nowadays, this is a profitable business for insurance agencies in Paris, because this city receives thousands of tourists each year.

Health Insurance:

This kind of policy covers services such as: medical assistance, medical coverage, health plans and health emergencies. The kind of service and benefits will depend on the rate; most insurance companies have special plans for families and individuals.

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