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Nightlife in Paris

The temptation to make a beeline for the Champs-Elysées and Trocadéro should be avoided unless visitors want to end up alongside fellow tourists in overpriced bars with large egos but little atmosphere.

The action has now moved on to the likes of bustling Bastille, which may have been deserted by the real local cognoscenti, but still boasts plenty of colourful small bars, unique little drinking dens and popular clubs.

These days anyone wanting to really mix it with the style crowd and have an ‘authentic’ Parisian night out should break east to raffish Ménilmontant, which boasts an increasingly sophisticated and eclectic nightlife scene that was kicked off by the legendary Café Charbon on rue de Oberkampf, a street now overflowing with bars. The smart money is on Belleville being the next new ‘in’ place, though the scene in this rough-around-the-edges part of town is far less obvious and it is just that bit further from the centre of the city.

Back in the heart of Paris, the Marais has managed an impressive renaissance of late and now offers plenty of bars, chic cafes and a perhaps surprisingly active gay and lesbian scene. Pigalle is the seedy sex centre of the city but home to some good music venues and the Moulin Rouge cabaret, 82 boulevard Clichy, 18th, where the cancan is still performed.

The minimum legal age for drinking alcohol (beer and wine) is 16 years of age, rising to 18 years for stronger drinks and spirits.

The average price of a drink while out and about in Paris is €4, although prices can vary dramatically depending on the location.

Bars are usually licensed until 0100 hrs but this does vary according to the individual venue and area. Bouncers frequently turn potential punters away and many of the smarter clubs are,or claim to be, private. There is no sure way of gaining admission, although being foreign, dressed identically to everyone inside, accompanied by a regular or simply beautiful helps. Admission prices (usually around €15-20) often include a free drink. Clubs open at around 2300 hrs and tend not to close until dawn, it is coolest to arrive around 0300 hrs, or at least after midnight.

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