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Real Estate in Paris

One important thing in people’s life is the place where they’re going to live, which is generally a house. That’s one of the main reasons for people to search Real Estate companies when they want to buy a house.

What is a real estate company?

These companies are in the business of buying and selling property. They look for people who want to sell their houses and advertise them; if someone wants to buy that house, he/she has to contact the company for make the business and the company earns a percentage of the house’s price.

Real estate agents are the workers of real estate companies and their main function in this business is to sell, sell, and sell properties to you; if you let them know that you need to buy a house soon, you won’t have the house that you need.

Where can I find a real estate company?

When you’re looking for Real Estate in Paris, there are many ways to find it; you can search on the web and find lots of them, but if you don’t have internet you can look into magazines and agency windows. In addition, many owners advertise their properties on newspapers and publications and this will be more convenient for you because you can negotiate with the owners of the property directly.

One important thing that you must know is the mortgage of the property; you have to know the times to pay it and how much you will pay every month; so when you buy a property trough mortgage, you have to be sure that you can afford it.

Can I get into this business?

real estateYes, everybody can get into this business but you need to know how this business works; if you don’t have any experience in this business and you want to get into it, you can study in one of the Real estate schools ( that will introduce you into this world. These schools also prepare you for any situations in this kind of business.

Here are some schools located in Paris:

•    Institut Catholique de Paris - 21 Rue d'Assas, Paris - 01 44 39 52 00

•    Schola Cantorum de Paris - 269 Rue Saint-Jacques, Paris - 01 43 54 15 39

•    Ecole Massillon - 2 bis Quai Célestins, Paris - 01 53 01 91 60

•    Duquesne Diffusion - 27 Avenue Duquesne, Paris - 01 45 55 87 55

•    Espace Arago - 42 Boulevard Arago, Paris - 01 43 37 35 68

•    ESRA Paris - 135 Avenue Félix Faure, Paris - 01 44 25 25 25

•    Maths Mélisso - 130 rue St Charles, Paris - 01 45 79 40 60

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