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Paris is a very important part in the development of French cuisine, it’s said that national cuisine developed primarily in this city and spread throughout the country in time. Nowadays French cuisine is considered among the haute cuisine, especially in Paris, where people love to cook and to eat.

Cuisine varies according to the season, for example, in summer the use lots of fruits; springs are characterized by oysters and the end of summer by mushrooms. Here we offer a list with the most delicious recipes to prepare, from the easier to the more elaborated.

Diet Quality and Dietary Diversity in France

There are many dishes that are considered part of the French national cuisine today. Many come from haute cuisine in the fine-dining realm, but others are regional dishes that have become a norm across the country. Paris offers all popular french foods. Find nutrition facts for each foods by clicking on the name. The list contains over 8000 foods. You can also browse by category, use the nutrient ranking tool, or compare nutrition facts.

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