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Pain Perdu

Whatever is left of a day old baguette.
dash of milk to scramble the eggs
Real Butter for the skillet or griddle and for topping the hot toast
Maple Syrup or jam

Shallow mixing bowl to hold the egg mixture
A fork or a whip to scramble the eggs
Low-sided skillet or griddle (seasoned cast iron will do well)

Take a day old baguette and slice it into little slices, about a half inch (or a little less) thick.
Take the two eggs and a little dash of milk and scramble them in the shallow bowl.
Heat the griddle on a medium heat.
Rub the hot griddle with butter until it is covered.
When the butter is melted, turn the heat down a bit. The idea is to cook the toast slowly so it get cooked all the way through. A high heat will cook the outside of the toast and then leave the middle soggy.
Take about five baguette slices and drop them into the egg mixture.
Flip them over to coat both sides with egg.
Put them in the skillet, or on the griddle.
Repeat with five more slices until the bottom of the skillet, or the griddle, is filled - like in the picture above.
When one side is cooked (when the bottoms looked like the photograph above) flip them over and cook the other side.
The second side may cook faster than the first side, so keep an eye on them.
When they are done, fill a plate! Top with butter while still hot so the butter melts!
Serve warm. Yum!
Repeat the procedure until all your bread or the egg mixture is finished. Put fresh butter into the pan each time you add a set of bread slices.

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