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Seafood Puff Pastry

• Frozen Pepperidge Farm, Puff Pastry shells
• Béchamel sauce
• scallops, cooked shrimp, and/or crab
• dill
• Servings: Appetizer (1 per person) or Entree (2)

• A bit more complicated only because of timing, this will always wow your guests.
• Start the puff pastry (see upper right) and whip up a nice Béchamel sauce since you have 20-25 minutes to work with.
• At the same time as your Béchamel is beginning to come into it's own, sauté your favorite seafood. Cut small scallops in half and gently sauté till milky white or simply heat up some, precooked shrimp that you've chopped. With crab, don't sauté it but instead shred it (a small amount is enough to really launch the flavors). Combining a bit of crab with another seafood is always a winning and economical combination. You want your sauce a bit thick and not too runny. When it's ready add the dill and stir, then add the seafood.

Shell Preparation:
• Follow the directions on the box and put the side stamped "TOP", face up on a cookie sheet in a preheated oven at 400 F for 20-25 minutes. Take them out a bit early before golden brown and use a paring knife to cut and remove the top. Make sure to remove any uncooked part from the inside using a fork or knife. Warning: If you over cook the shells you'll detect a smell like popcorn.

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