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Sports in Paris

French winter is suitable to enjoy various attractions, including diverse winter sports; in Paris for example the alternation of rain and snow creates an exotic but very pleasant climate for an unforgettable holiday season.

Ski Resorts in Paris

The streets of Paris are perfect for a romantic stroll because the city of love never leaves its sensitive nuances. But if what you want is adventure, you might consider leaving the routine and visit one of the closest ski resorts to the French capital.

Among the most popular places to practice different sports in France is Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe close to the border with Italy. Here winter sports are an important part of the lifestyle of its inhabitants, for that reason this place became home to the first Winter Olympics. An unparalleled choice is Chamonix, which has an attractive mountain getaway with all the amenities that a resort can offer, from entertainment services for all ages to ski schools that offer courses for both beginners and experts wish to improve their technique.

Chamonix has a wide variety of tracks in snow, all at different levels, lined with beautiful mountains. There is a special area for beginners, where students can practice their ski lessons, while for the more experienced there are other areas with greatest difficulty, of course all these have qualified supervisors who are aware of any accident that may arise. In addition, it has excellent restaurants, ranging from the classics to the newest versions, not to mention the cozy accommodations that offer travelers all the amenities they require.

Ski preparation exercises

Avoid accidents and problems after skiing with a proper training and physical warming to keep your muscles firm for downhill skiing.

The exercises before heading for a ski session are obligatory and necessary. They allow you to strengthen your muscles before practicing this sport, and have well ski fitness to avoid later problems, or even worse, crashes.

As the ski is one of the most physically demanding sports, skiers require strict training and adequate food, you should also have a high-level endurance, agility, strength and elasticity in your legs, because the effort of ski falls on them, so we must focus in the warm-up. For all this, practice ski is very beneficial to health and have controlled your body mass strikes, can calculate BMI here. Body mass index is one method used to estimate your total body fat. This helps to determine if your weight is within the normal range, or if you are underweight or overweight.

As your leg muscles as well as your back and shoulder muscles do a great work when making ski movements, they require a good workout to prepare for the muscle tension used in the movements. Therefore, to avoid possible injuries, it is important to warm-up before skiing, to rise the body temperature, the amount of blood and oxygen that reaches the muscles.

Warm-up exercises

During this first phase, it is recommended that you go jogging, and then do a series of exercises like stretching for about 10 minutes. You should start with smooth movements in your head from left to right to relax the neck muscles. To warm the back muscles, is advisable to take the ski pole with both hands and place it over the head; keep your back upright and your feet aligned to the shoulder, and tilt the body to the left and right. Ten repetitions are recommended. Another option is a short aerobics routine, mostly use leg and arm movements, you can also visit some gyms before skiing.

The hip muscles also need to do a little stretching, so you have to take the ski pole with both hands, place it behind your neck, separate your feet, and rotate your torso to the left and then right, 10 repetitions are recommended. Make sure you work out your leg muscles harder because they are the essential for this sport. To do this, take a ski pole in each hand, place them in ski position, and jump from left to right, ensure you flex your knees while doing this.

Burn more fat with cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing challenges both aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. You can burn 700 calories in one hour because your heart rate into the optimal way to burn fat.

You can try with This tool is remarkably easy to use for men and for women. The Body Fat Calculator can be used to estimate your total body fat based on your size. Knowing your body fat percentage is critical when trying to improve your body composition. After entering your measurements, the calculator will determine your body fat %, how many pounds/kilograms of your body is fat, how much is lean body weight, and how much of fat you need to lose to reach your desired goals. In addition, reference the chart to help you determine what your body fat % means to you.

The wrists and hands are also important in ski, they support the pressure to bear on ski poles when you descend in the snow. To relax these muscles you need to keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees near your side, and turn your hands down and up; it is recommended you repeat this 10 times.

Another excellent option is to receive massages before and after the ski session in the lumbar and back area to relax the tension on the muscles.

Marinas in Paris

Temperatures in the summer in France are extremely high that is why it is not surprising that most French people and tourists like to spend a vacation on the shores of the country's best-known beaches; Parisians are the most enthusiasts, especially with the arrival of summer that creates in the city a climate very particular, therefore due to the numerous visitors, since 2002 they decided to create artificial beaches to enjoy the warm weather of the season.

When it comes to French beaches, one should highlight the incredible facilities that they have; places such as: Baie d'Audierne, Plage de l'Almanarre, Paloma Plage, are just some of the most visited places, all of they have marinas that offer a variety of services, not only for the convenience of people, but also for safety of boats including the necessary facilities, either for maintenance or repair. If you are interested in Boating Activities, you have an online source for all your boating needs with thousands of new and used boats for sale:

France marinas are a clear demonstration of the organization that exists in the country, because they have highly qualified staff and all the amenities that you can imagine, from restaurants and bars, to recreational areas for younger visitors looking for more entertainment, there are also special areas for those wishing to spend a quiet moment in the solitude of thoughts.

Diving Schools in Paris

Another of the most anticipated activities in the French summer is diving, L'Ile de Riou, the most visited beach to practice Diving, but only accessible by boat, is the necessary starting point for diving expeditions. The views that can be seen at the bottom of the sea are simply spectacular, a beautiful landscape that you will not want to miss.

Due to the increasing demand of tourists to enjoy the views from exotic marine life, there are many diving schools that train those interested in this sport; its programs include students beginning, intermediate and experts. The services offered are customized and guaranteed, as they take the necessary precautions to avoid any accident.

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