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The Palace de Versailles (French: Chteau de Versailles) is a magnificent construction and one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th-century French Art that is why it was considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 30 years. Its construction started with the work of Luis Le Vau, the Chief Architect to the King, who built the grand apartments of the King and Queen and the faade of the Palace facing the garden. Then it was occupied by 3 kings (Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI) before the French Revolution, each one of them ordered several constructions, such as the gardens and other attractions that made of the palace a really impressive highlight of Paris.

We offer some detailed information of the most popular sections of the Palace de Versailles:

  • The Grands Appartements: The grand appartement du roi and the grand appartement de la reine were the apartments for the king and the queen respectively, and built following Italian models closely, during the kingdom of Louis XIV in 1670s.

  • The Hall of Mirrors (Galerie des Glances): Its located in The Grande Gallery and made up of the three hundred and fifty-seven mirrors that decorate the seventeen arches opposite the windows. The Hall of Mirrors was restored in 2007 and now is renowned as being one of the most famous rooms in the world.

  • Chapels of Versailles: With the evolution of the Palace of Versailles, there were constructed 5 chapels. The first one was destroyed; the second one was converted into the sale des grades de la reine at the time the new chapel was constructed; the new (third) chapel was converted into la salle du sacre and the last one was constructed at the north wing of the palace. The currently chapel, the Fifth Chapel, is considered an unreserved masterpiece and the largest of the royal chapels at Versailles.

  • LOpera: The building is considered one of the most ambitious projects of Louis XV; the opera was built in wood for about 5 years, and now it hosts opera, stage plays, or orchestral events and more.

  • Gardens of Versailles: The work of the construction and design of the gardens were commissioned to Andr Le Ntre and took 40 years to complete and more people than expected, Andr Le Ntre needed the collaboration of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, who directed the project from 1664 to 1683; Charles Le Brun, produced the drawings for a large number of statues and fountains; and the architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart, built the Orangerie. The Gardens of Versailles represent a great example of French Garden design.

    The garden of Versailles includes:
    • Fountains are the favorite ornament of French-style gardens and Versailles has 11 fountains such as: The Dragon, Latona Fountain, Bacchus, Mirror, Saturn, the Apollo and more.

    • The Grand Canal is a long light-filled sheet of water.

    • The two Water Parterres located in front of the faade of the Hall of Mirrors are two large rectangular pools.

    • The Walks: Gardens offers great opportunities for walking and enjoy the combination of nature with art and decoration. These walks are: The Royal Walk, The Water Walk, the Flora and Ceres Walks, The Bacchus and Saturn Walks.

    • Youll see different masterpieces of sculpture in Versailles scattered across the Palace and many Groves

  • Versailles, France
    Versailles, France
    Versailles, France
    Versailles, France

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