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Paris Travel Guide

When to go Paris

Paris 365 days a year, and some people prefer the city’s mood on rainy, snowy or gloomy days. That being said, some times/seasons are better than others.

Planners will want to avoid at all costs planning an event that overlaps with the Paris Air Show, held every other June. Hotel rooms are almost impossible to obtain and any that are available will come at a high price.

In August, Paris is deserted of Parisians, which can mean smaller crowds at many of the key attractions and less competition with social functions for space at hotels. But the city loses something of its flavor, and many restaurants and other off-site venues are closed for the month.

"Avoid planning an event in the second half of July and all of August if you expect any local, French participation," said Matthew Squire, president of Select Travel Service, Inc., one of Europe’s oldest DMCs. "Everyone heads for the mountains and resorts. The average French worker has nearly 6 weeks annual vacation, and vacation home ownership is highest in the world, and they use them frequently during the summer months."

Springtime in Paris is the subject of innumerable love songs and the city is at its finest – but this is when most groups want to be here, and so rates and dates are what you’d expect – high and hard to get, respectively.

The weather in fall is equally delightful, and many planners say this is their favorite season for the city. While October is a prime time for groups – as it is the world over – November is singled out by some as the best month. Temperatures are still mild – it’s the room rates that are dropping.

And one of the first steps a planner should take is to request a list of upcoming fairs and expositions in the country from the French Tourist Office. Planning an event in Paris at the same time as one of the frequent global trade fairs can cause tremendous complications, especially on the housing side of the equation.

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