SEO업체 ‘s Writing skill – external link, internal link


There is another good factor to consider when writing (this is a tip from SEO업체). That’s the link. As I said, as you write, there may be cases where you give links to other places for reference.

(How to put a link in WordPress: Select text -> Click the clip shape in the upper right corner, and enter the URL to move)

If the destination (URL) is an external page for 검색엔진최적화, it is called an external link, and if it is any article or page inside your website, it is called an internal link. External links are not a must, but if you have a really helpful website that can help readers understand, it would be nice to include it with appropriate anchor text. For example, in an article explaining how to make a salad, you could introduce an external link to a place to get fresh salad ingredients (external website), right?

Internal links are important because of the page views. You can think of page views as the number of times a page was loaded by a visitor. This increase in page views is a good score for SEO 메타태그. It’s so important to help my readers get interested in my website, browse through the articles, and play around on my website. It is like a viewer who has seen a video on YouTube and is curious about other videos on that channel, so if they watch this and that, it will be scored for the channel. Not only does this help with SEO마케팅, but it also gives you the opportunity to get closer to and understand your audience. It would be great if readers read what I wrote and find interest in them and go out to read other articles on their own, but ordinary people only read what they want and leave. That’s why we need to strategically place internal links by SEO업체 so that they can read other articles and focus on getting a little more greedy and selling our products or turning them into potential customers.

One of those strategies is to introduce relevant articles. Readers who came to see the article on making salad
“If you want to make a tastier salad, how about this article?” The question will be noted SEO업체 .
-> You can put an internal link like ‘5 ways to get fresh vegetables.